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Top 10 Lakes in Western Maine

The Lakes and Mountains Region of western Maine is a four season destination, adorned with hundreds of glacial lakes and pristine waters. Click here for all lakefront property for sale.

Here is Pomerleau Realty Group's top 10 lakes to live on in the area:

10. Highland Lake- Bridgton | 1,401 Acres | 44' max depth

   Located just outside downtown Bridgton, this lake's rocky shoreline and islands make for great Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass and White Perch fishing.  There is a public boat launch and park on the south end of the lake.  Bridgton Highlands Golf & Tennis Club is nearby and offers a great 18 hole golfing experience.   Click here for Highland Lake properties for sale.

9. Christopher Lake- Woodstock, Greenwood | 278 Acres | 63' max depth

   The smallest lake on the list, Christopher Lake may be the most pristine with its spring fed waters and mountainous surroundings.  The lake was reclaimed in the 1960's and is popular to anglers for its Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout fisheries.  The University of Maine 4-H Camp at Bryant Pond is located on the northern shore and offers educational and recreational opportunities for Maine adolescents.  Click here for Christopher Lake properties for sale.

8. Pleasant Lake- Otisfield, Casco | 1,077 Acres | 62' max depth

   Located just outside of Casco Village, Pleasant Lake is one of the cleanest waterbodies in Maine.  The lake offers several boat launches and public beaches, but is well secluded and a peaceful lake.  Anglers regularly catch 2-4 pound salmon.  Click here for Pleasant Lake properties for sale.

7. Moose Pond- Bridgton, Sweden, Denmark |  1,694 Acres  |  77' max depth

   Moose Pond lies in the shadow of Pleasant Mountain and Shawnee Peak Ski Resort.  There are three separate basins that make up the lake, with the middle basin being the largest and deepest; and also provides good Landlocked Salmon and Lake Trout fisheries.  The shallower upper and lower basins are known for Largemouth Bass opportunities and a state record 12 pounder was caught here.  This narrow lake is 13 miles long.  Click here for Moose Pond properties for sale.

6. Pennesseewassee Lake- Norway  |  922 Acres  |  48' max depth

   Also known as Norway Lake this mid sized lake offers the best Rainbow Trout fishing in the area.  Located near Downtown Norway, this lake was one of the first lakes to be settled in the area in the 18th century.  Located on the lake are: two marinas, a general store and a wonderful restaurant; all accessible by boat.  Click here for Norway Lake properties for sale.

5. Keoka Lake- Waterford  |  467 Acres  |  42' max depth

   A favorite of locals, this gem of a lake has been a destination for more than 200 years.  The lake is small enough for a canoe or large enough for a motorboat.  There is a campground on the south end of the lake and public access on the western shore.  You are sure to see some amazing wildlife with every visit to the lake, whether it be nesting loons, bald eagles or trout jumping.  Click here for Keoka Lake properties for sale.

4. Thompson Lake- Oxford, Otisfield, Poland, Casco  |  4,427 Acres  |  121' max depth

   Thompson Lake is known for its trophy Landlocked Salmon and Lake Trout; and also holds the state Smallmouth Bass record at 8 pounds.  There are two marinas and a store on the lake.  Pismo Beach is located on the northern end of the lake.  You'll never get bored exploring this deep lake.  Click here for Thompson Lake properties for sale.

3. Sebago Lake- Naples, Sebago, Raymond, Casco, Standish, Baldwin  |  28,771 Acres  |  316' max depth

   Sebago Lake is the original home to the Landlocked Salmon and possibly the best suited lake in the country for breeding this prized species.  Anglers have the opportunity to catch 25+ species of fish here.  You will never get bored exploring this lake's 105 miles of shoreline.  Neighboring Brandy Pond, Long Lake and Naples Causeway are also accessible by boat for a small fee, via the Songo Locks.  Some of the most premier properties of interior Maine are located on the lake.  This massive lake sometimes feels like the ocean when you are on it.  Click here for Sebago Lake properties for sale.

2. Kezar Lake- Lovell  |  2,510 Acres  |  155' max depth

   Considered by many to be the most beautiful lake in Maine, the lake sits in the shadows of The White Mountains.  Rich in history, life is a little slower at Kezar Lake than some of the other larger lakes in the area.  Since 1917, Quisisana Resort has entertained guests with shows and music. Residents enjoy boating to Pleasant Point off Middle Bay in the evenings to take in the entertainment.  Jet skis and speed boats are frowned upon by residents.  Anglers enjoy fishing for Kezar's trophy Landlocked Salmon and Lake Trout.  Weather on the lake can quickly change and is a sight to be seen as storms roll in from the neighboring mountains.  Click here for Kezar Lake properties for sale.

1. Long Lake- Harrison, Naples, Bridgton  |  4,867 Acres  |  59' max depth

   With "The Friendly Village" of Harrison on one end and Naples Causeway on the other, Long Lake is our top lake to live on in the area.  This popular lake can get busy on the Naples end during weekends.  Anglers enjoy catching Landlocked Salmon and trophy bass and trout.  Brandy Pond and Sebago Lake are also accessible by boat, giving the opportunity to explore over 150 miles of shoreline.  Park your boat at the Naples Causeway during summer and enjoy all of the dining and entertainment options.  Click here for Long Lake properties for sale.


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